FAQ’s / Patient Information CORONAVIRUS & COVID 19

Hollywood Haematology recommends the routine advice given by the WA Department of Health.


Should I get the FLUVAX?

All our Doctors advise that their patients should have the Fluvax as soon as possible, regardless of current treatment or chemotherapy. A booster is recommended in August.

Should I have the PNEUMOVAX? (pneumococcal immunisation)

Our Doctors also advise a Pneumovax every 5 years. You should have one as soon as possible if it is due.

You must NOT have any LIVE VACCINES eg Shingles, Measles

Should I wear a face mask?

A face mask will not protect you against becoming infected. While the use of face masks can help to prevent transmission of disease from infected patients to others, face masks are not currently recommended for use by healthy members of the public for the prevention of infections like novel coronavirus. If you are unwell with cold and flu-like symptoms, then a mask can be worn when you attend the hospital or a medical appointment.

Do I still need to come for my appointment? Are you doing TELEHEALTH consultations?

The safety of our patients, staff and communities is paramount. We are now able to offer Telehealth consults to the majority of our patients, via phone or video link.

Video link

Hollywood Haematology is using COVIU, an encrypted platform for medical professionals and patients to have face to face consultations with the confidence that patient privacy is maintained.

If you have a device with a webcam / inbuilt camera ie. laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, that has access to your email, you are ready to go.

There are NO APPS / NO DOWNLOADS required. Please review the patient information COVIU link: https://pr.coviu.com/coviu-support-for-patients

A few days prior to your appointment, we will send you an email link. Simply click on the link approximately 5mins prior to your appointment and be taken to our virtual waiting room. (you may even select your own genre of music for the short period you may be waiting!)

Phone Consult

If you do not have access to email or technology for video link, your Doctor will simply call you on your preferred telephone number. Although we are aiming to keep to our schedule, please keep close by to your phone within an hour of your appointment. The timing and coordination of appointments may vary at this time.

How do I pay for my apppointment?

Please discuss with your Doctor at the commencement of your consult. Most Telehealth consults are able to be billed directly to Medicare.

Please keep us updated with your current email and phone contact details. appointments@hollywoodhaematology.com.au 9389 1030 or 9389 5010

Is it safe to go out to get my blood tests?

Your blood test are really important and still need to be taken. All blood collection centres are maintaining social distancing in their waiting rooms. Call your preferred collection centre to ask if they are able to make an appointment for you or to ask if they are offering a home service.

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